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We are not a church with life groups—we are a church of life groups. On Sunday evenings adults meet at the church or in homes in groups of 12-16 to build relationships, find encouragement, discover principles from the Word of God for everyday life,
and just have fun!

Engaging in life groups is how we care for each other and our hope is that every adult attendee at
Deer Park First would get the full experience by participating in one of our small groups.


On what days of the week do life groups take place?
The majority of our life groups meet on Sunday evenings from 5 – 7 pm. We have a few that meet off campus at other times. Please check with the group leader for specific times.

How often do community groups meet?
Most groups meet weekly. It is up to each community group leader whether or not his or her group meets each week throughout the year.

How long does each group meeting last?
Generally an hour and a half to two hours.

Can I join a life group at any time?
All of our groups are “open” groups. You can visit or join at any time. You are free to visit other groups at any point during the semester to determine which group is best for you.

What goes on at a group meeting?
Though each group differs in how they do things, many groups have social time in the beginning, then they transition to group discussions or Bible study, and then they spend time praying for each other. Some groups also end their time in groups of guys and gals for accountability and prayer.

Where do my children go while I attend a community group?
Childcare is offered on Sunday nights from 5 – 7 pm for kids (birth-5th grade). Student ministry (6th-12th grade) is offered on Sunday nights from 5 – 7 pm, as well.