Josh Meeh

Youth & College Minister

Life Story

I was born and raised in Fort Smith, AR. I attended church during my childhood and adolescence years and came to know Christ when I was ten years old. From there my life did not get better or easier or happier. Following Christ did not make all of my problems disappear. However, God put me on the right path and gave me purpose. I came to faith in Jesus Christ by studying the Scriptures. I had questions about life, death, heaven, hell, and sin. As I read the Gospels I became aware that I was helpless and hopeless without Christ. Since then I battled depression, anxiety, my parent’s divorce, struggles with self-righteousness, legalism, judgementalism, pride, arrogance, and the list goes on. If I could identify with anyone in the Gospels it would be the Pharisees. I was a sinner and I was afraid of people knowing it. As I grew older I really began to understand the Gospel story and it was not about being a better person and trying harder to prove my worth to God. No, the Gospel is about losing myself. It’s about failing. It’s about being poor in spirit. It’s about realizing my helplessness and spiritual bankruptcy. I began to realize that I could not gain my salvation or my approval or right standing with God. I realized that it is impossible in my own self to have eternal life but with God all things are possible. The Gospel is about what Jesus did for me because I can do nothing for myself. Jesus finished it for me.

After High School I joined a three year discipleship program called Master’s Commission at my home church at Harvest Time in Fort Smith, AR. From there I served at Eastside Baptist Church as a lay leader and eventually as the Discipleship Director. In 2013 my wife and I moved to Louisville, KY where I served in a church plant as the Spiritual Formations Pastor at Hope Culture. After having our first child in 2014 we moved back to Arkansas for a year to exist as a family and serve in our local church. In July of 2016 I came on staff at Deer Park First as the Youth and College Minister.

Hope for Deer Park First

My hope for Deer Park First is that we would be a community that is shaped and transformed by the Gospel. That we would truly understand His grace and mercy and show it to others as a result. My hope is that we would put the Scriptures back in their proper place as the ultimate authority in our lives and that we would make disciples who make disciples and teach them everything the Lord has commanded.

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