Drew Super


I was born and raised in Chicago with absolutely no knowledge about who Jesus Christ was. I pursued worldly ambitions through college, until I stepped foot into my first church service where I heard the gospel message for the first time at age 28. My salvation brought on a radical transformation that led me directly into ministry. The church where I was saved provided me with instant opportunities to grow and serve in the local body of believers. It was there that I developed a love for the family of God, service, and a call to ministry!

There were several pointed events in my life that made it clear to me that pursuing a secular career would never satisfy the hunger God put within my heart for studying His Word and sharing the message of the Cross of Jesus with others! Shortly after coming to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior I began my journey toward a seminary degree.

I love studying the Scriptures and delivering God’s Word of encouragement to His people, without compromise. My desire is that people not only hear the Word, but also grow up into mature, set-apart Christ followers through the ministry one-on-one or in small group discipleship. I truly love watching people who think they have wandered too far from God, stayed too long in sins, and who think that Jesus would never forgive them receive the message of the Cross! Everyone needs to hear about the unconditional love that Jesus has for everyone who is far from Him! No one person is beyond the forgiveness, love, and redemption that is offered to them through the cross of Jesus Christ!

God was kind to provide me with a beautiful help-mate and wife when I met Treva, while serving in the local church. Treva and I have 5 beautiful children of which she homeschools them all! What a powerful and strong wife I have! Thank you Lord for the blessings of both my wife and children! My desire for the church is that we make disciples who make disciples! The future is in Jesus’ hands but we are and should be the hands and feet of Jesus reaching the lost and making disciples that make disciples starting within our very own homes first!

I’ve built my ministry on the truth of the cross! That anything done for the Kingdom is by ordinary people redeemed and empowered by an extraordinary God! Treva and I believe that anyone can be a part of ministry if they are connected to Jesus! I love empowering people to carry out their God-given spiritual gift(s) as I offer the encouragement that so many people who have been hurt by religion need today! People are important to Jesus and are greatly needed within the church to reach a world that is dying and headed to separation from God forever!

We would love for you to join us on Sunday’s for worship! Come as you are! We are a casual group of people who care more about your heart being right with the Lord than we do about your external presentation of your life! We know that if your heart is right with the Lord Jesus then your life will be a witness of Light to a dark and desperately in need of Jesus world! Come join us and worship our Lord Jesus and be refreshed among the body of believers! Hope to see you soon!

Drew Super!

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